3 Ekim 2012 Çarşamba

Gay Cuba

his entry doesn't actually start in Cuba. It starts in Miami a few months earlier. I saw a very small notice in one of the gay newspapers in Miami about a documentary called "Gay Cuba" by Sonja de Vries being presented at the community college in downtown Miami. I expected maybe a dozen gay and lesbians in a classroom. When I got there I was surprised to find a huge auditorium filled to capacity with all segments of the Cuban community. Still from the documentary Gay Cuba Here's what I wrote in my journal after the film: The more I hear about Cuba the more I realize I must go there myself to find out what it is really like. There is no such thing as an objective opinion on Cuba. The documentary was quite pro-revolution/government and you could hear the audience bristle at some of the statements. Even without knowing Spanish it was clear from the rumbling in the audience at certain statements and the angry voices at the discussion afterward that people were not happy with that part of the film. "It was a good film but contained many errors" one guy told me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaDWHeOW85g vocaltoys.com lesbenerotik.org pornstash.org pornstarteam.org dvdporno.org porn-bluray.com sexfordummies.org sexyshemales.org dublinsex.org sexusa.org vivaischia.com

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